Another national retailer in Portland is about to bite the dust. According to the Bangor Daily News, Eastern Mountain Sports, located next to Trader Joe's on Marginal Way, is likely to close after a bankruptcy deal was reached to close 47 stores nationwide.

Eastern Mountain Sports parent company, Eastern Outfitters, has been dealing with a sharp decline in profit margin and has been forced to close many locations of the other retail chain they own, Bob's Stores, including one that existed in South Portland last year.

The Eastern Mountain Sports location on Marginal Way currently has no timeframe for closure, but there will be store closing sales, similar to Bob's Stores and then a final liquidation.

But for many Portland residents, the next question will be, "what goes in there?" EMS will leave behind an 8,000 square foot vacancy that will undoubtedly be filled, especially given the high visibility of the location. One thing is for sure, you can rule out another grocery store. Hannaford, as well as Whole Foods, all exist within a half mile of one another. Would another sporting goods store be a fit for that location? How about another major pharmacy? Would a home goods chain be welcome in downtown Portland?

What do you think? What would you like to see fill the eventual vacancy?

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