If you live in the Brunswick area, be aware there have been a rash of rabid fox attacks and unfortunately the victims have been the elderly.

According to the Portland Press Herald, 95-year-old Robin Galen spent ten minutes trying fend off a rabid fox on June 25. He was repairing the deck at his home in Brunswick when the fox attacked him and Galen eventually was able to beat the fox to death with a plank.

The week prior, 72-year-old Barbara Senecal was attacked by a rabid fox while getting her mail in Brunswick. The fox ended up knocking her off her feet and she screamed for help as the fox bit her arms and legs. Her neighbor came to help and managed to get the fox off her but also received bites. Senecal called 911 and a police officer arrived and shot and killed the fox. In both instances, the animals tested positive for rabies.

There have been other rabid animals confirmed in Brunswick as well, including a skunk that attacked two dogs.

The Brunswick Animal Control Officer is reminding residents to vaccinate their pets, not to not approach wildlife, and call the police if you see an animal acting aggressively.

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