Over the last decade or so, Acadia National Park has become one of the most popular national parks in the country for visitors. Whether it's the incredible views, sunsets, hiking trails, or smell of the ocean, Acadia has never been more popular than it is right now.

But even inside one of the most gorgeous parks in the world, some people need more adventure. If you're someone that wants to visit Acadia and elevate your experience, you can now play a series of escape games designed specifically for Acadia, with some "prizes" at the end.

The Acadia Escape Room experience is available to anyone and everyone who wants to play. Since it's a national park, the escape games aren't your traditional rooms where you're locked inside and given an hour to decipher your way out.

Road through Acadia National Park, Maine, New England, USA, North America
Conny Pokorny

Instead, the games all exist on your phone. You can chose a variety of games, whether you're traveling through Acadia by car, bike, or on foot. Each game takes you through a different series of puzzles. Unlock one puzzle, and a new one emerges. You get to explore Acadia while also "escaping" nature.


The escape games are meant to be downloaded onto your phone and work, whether you have cell signal or not. There are games designed for every level of escaper, from a family of novices to the true expert. If you'd rather base your game on the expected time of completion, you can do that as well.

Wooden boardwalk in Jordan Pond, bubble mountains in background

Additional details on the Acadia Escape Room, including cost, can be found here.

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