Maine Lobster

Honestly, is there anything more ‘Maine’ than lobster?

I’ve traveled around, lived in different states, and as soon as “Maine” flies out of my mouth, someone is asking me about our red sea crustaceans.

It’s what we are known for, it’s what we do best, and lobster boats are fueling up for the summer. If you want to experience one of the most Maine things you can do, you have to check out one of the races. A friend of mine used to do it way back in the day but has recently retired and it is one hell of an event.

Maine Lobster Boat Racing

Mount Desert Islander recently shared the summer schedule for Maine’s lobster boat racing with the events kicking off this Father’s Day weekend. As the article shares, the lobster boat season will start this Saturday, June 18 with a race in Boothbay Harbor and then another one following in Rockland the very next day on Father’s Day Sunday.

This is just the beginning and the season will carry on for the rest of the summer, providing you ample opportunity to see an incredible, lively, and energetic event on the coast of Maine. The following race will be held on June 26 in Bass Harbor for the 15th year and the rest are listed here on this schedule provided by Mount Desert Islander:

Mount Desert Islander

Mount Desert Islander shares that there are roughly 60-70 competitors for these events but it’s the crowd that really pulls it all together. As many as 2,000 people show up to watch the races from the pier or from the water in their own boats, piled in close with a beer in hand yelling in thick Maine accents.

You can expect cold local brews, rowdy crowds, vocabulary lacking ‘R’s, and a whole lot of partying. If you truly want to experience a Maine summer, this event has got to be added to your list, bub.

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