Really need to seal driveway cracks every year to prevent water from getting in to the base and causing further damage.

Make sure to sealcoat your driveway every 3 years.

Your Sealcoating and Pavement Repair Questions Answered:

Working with a contractor?
Ask for copy of their liability and workers comp insurance as well as references. Do this before you let them start any job or you could end up with a real mess on top of a driveway in need of repair. D&D has all the insurance and great references readily available for all of our clients.

Can you fix low spots or puddles?
Absolutely, low spots and puddles can be very damaging and not very aesthetic, we can solve both of those problems. Email us to hear more on how. (please put a link to the email we have listed above)

How long after paving can you seal a driveway?
It is very important to allow for a minimum of 60 days after paving to allow for the pavement to cure. Want to get the situation looked at by a Local Expert. Email us today (please provide link to email address provided in contact info)