It is kind of hard to believe that we are only a few days away from Saint Patrick's Day 2023!  For many, this could be the first really normal feeling Saint Paddy's Day since the pandemic turned everything upside down in March of 2020.

There's bound to be lots of parties, lots of live music, lots of corned beef, and GALLONS of green beer!

While many of us just pretend to be a little Irish on March 17th because it adds to the fun of the holiday, have you ever wondered exactly how many Mainers are actually Irish?  And, what is the most Irish town or city in the state?

The Bangor Daily News Widgets and Digits website has pulled demographic data to find the MOST Irish town in the State of Maine.


How Many Irish Live In Maine?

About 18% of the state's residents claim some Irish heritage.  Given the state has a population (according to the 2020 census) of about 1,363,000, that means about 250,000 people claim to be at least partially Irish.


What Are The Most Irish Towns And Cities In Maine?

Based on the data from the website, the more "Irish" towns and cities are the ones with smaller populations.  Additionally, many of them tend to be in the more northern parts of the state.  For example, 36% of the population of the tiny town of Allagash claims to be at least part Irish.

The winner, however, is Littleton!  Another very small town, 38% of the Aroostook County town of Littleton claims to be at least partially Irish!

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