The Craigslist ad that started this whole mess has since been removed by the company, but it's too late for George Stanley, who was in Florida when the ad was placed and ran for three days before it was taken down.

According to the article in the Sun Journal, the fake ad read in part "Come one, come all, everything on the lot is free!" One neighbor said it was nonstop looting of George's property with people showing up at all hours of the day and grabbing as much as they could, the newspaper stated.

People were grabbing anything and everything, from tools to fruit trees. They even broke into his building and pretty much cleaned him out, according to the Sun Journal.

He has been in contact with State Troopers but there's little they can do except move people away from the property, the newspaper stated. And there had been no attempts to recover his stuff or to track down the people who took it, according to the Sun Journal.

The newspaper reported that George said he believes his neighbors placed the ad in response to harassment charges he was pursuing against them.




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