In memorial to one of Norridgewock's finest, Tom Cole, the brother of Cpl. Eugene Cole, is leading the front recording some of the late officer/local rockstar's original music at Hilltop Studios in Nashville, Tenn., according to The Portland Press Herald in a recent article.

The album will feature Tom himself, as well as six musicians who volunteered their talents with the guidance of Tony Mantor, a Nashville producer who is originally from Madison, Maine, and performed along side the Cole Brother's in the past, as reported by the PPH.

The title track will feature the late corporal's wife, Sheryl, in a song written for her called, "Life Without You," stated by the article. The newspaper also reveals the albums will be available mid-October direct through Plateau Music.

"Corporal Eugene Cole Memorial Bridge"
Kristen Farrington, Townsquare Media