The Sunday fire at Flatbread also forced the fire department to close a block of Commercial Street.

According to the Portland Press Herald, the fire was in a roof vent of the building on Commercial Street in Portland where Flatbread and Ri Ra Irish Pub are located. These are two very popular, very busy places in the summer.

Portland's Fire Chief said the businesses will stay closed due to damage until they can meet with the city's code enforcement officer on Monday and figure out the best plan to reopen, the newspaper reported.

The sprinkler system did its job and put out most of the fire, but there is water damage as part of the roof had to be opened, according to the Portland Press Herald. Plus, the fire was stubborn with hot spots hard to get to.

Part of Commercial Street, near Casco Bay Lines was closed for over three hours.

Brittany Rose happened to be walking by as the crews were putting out the fire.

Brittany Rose
Brittany Rose
Brittany Rose

The timing is super lousy thanks to it being right in the middle of the jamming tourist season, and record heat! Two firefighters had to be evaluated for heat exhaustion but didn't have to go to the hospital.

The fire chief knows that he's gonna take heat (no pun intended) for closing down part of Commercial Street on such a busy day - but he doesn't care.

His worry is for his fire fighters...not the tourists.