According to the Sun Journal, hairy folks from away are willing to travel hours to Maine just to get a haircut. Maine was the first state in New England to allow barber shops and salons to accept clients, and people from states with much higher infection rates of COVID-19 are traveling here to get their hair cut.

Out of staters are supposed to quarantine for 14 days to prevent introducing Coronavirus to our communities, but some are driving up to "squeeze in" a haircut anyway. This has caused some Maine salons and barber shops to start "carding" their clients to make sure they are local. Of course if they have a Massachusetts ID and claim they've been in quarantine for 14 days, how do you know that's true?

The Sun Journal reports that one Connecticut client was willing to drive six hours to get a haircut. Stylists and barbers are turning away out of state clients and spending a lot of time explaining our two week quarantine policy to them.

You want an example of how real the desire for a decent haircut is? A recent headline on the Boston Globe digital edition read, "Let's sneak away to Maine for haircuts. They are starting to loosen restrictions." Yikes, man. No! Dig out your Flowbee and stay away. Mainers are prickly and salty even when we need your tourism dollars, you seriously don't want to mess with us during a pandemic.

This is a Facebook post from Dr. Dora Anne Mills, Chief Health Improvement Officer for Maine Health and former head of the Maine C.D.C.

Some  things that Maine stylists and barbers are doing to keep themselves and us safe are:

  • Hair services by appointment only
  • Both the stylist and client wear masks
  • Restricting the number of people in the shop
  • Asking clients about symptoms and exposure
  • Asking if the client has traveled outside of Maine in the past two weeks


New Hampshire just started opening their salons on Monday and Connecticut will open theirs on May 20th.

Do you feel safe going to a salon or barber shop with the current precautions in place? Comment on our Fan Page.



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