Adopting pets and making them part of your family can be one of the most rewarding things in life. But just like human beings, each pet comes from different circumstances and requires different needs to find their perfect forever home. That is the case with this beauty, named Ginger, who has spent almost 4 years in a shelter awaiting her perfect match. Is that you?

In a heartbreaking post shared on Facebook by Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills, the look on the face of Ginger and the sign hanging from her neck tells you everything you need to know. She's was brought to the shelter as a stray, almost 1,500 days ago, and she's in need of the right environment and the right person to share her love with.

In the Facebook post, Responsible Pet Care details that Ginger has her own set of needs for any potential adopter that has already fallen in love with that face. She needs to be the only pet in your life, isn't suited to be around small children, but does have incredible love and loyalty to offer. Responsible Pet Care suggests that an older couple or a single person may be Ginger's perfect match.

So let's help her find that home she's truly been without for almost 4 years. Good luck Ginger, we're pulling for you!

Oh, and there are so many other pets that need to be adopted or fostered right now. Give Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills a like on Facebook if you think you can help out!

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