Yes it sounds ridiculous but aren't you a least bit curious what the Air Sex Champion of Maine will look like? We are. 

Air guitar has been something people have been accidentally and intentionally playing since the actual guitar was invented. But sometimes you can take a good thing, and make it better. And that feels like the case when the World Air Sex Championship Tour comes to Portland House of Music and Events on Tuesday, May 9th to crown a Maine winner.

The premise is exactly like you're picturing it (yes you have a dirty mind). Contestants will journey up on stage and make sweet, passionate love to someone who just isn't there. They will be scored by a panel of judges and someone will be crowned the unequivocal winner of Air Sex in Maine.

the Air Sex Championships have been taking the country by storm over the past few years and typically when they hold events, they sell out. There's just something about watching perfect strangers gyrate on make-believe partners that makes for a great night of viewing. Limited tickets are still available for this unique event.

Oh, and expect this night to get raunchy. Don't believe us? Check out their YouTube channel. Wow!

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