Sometimes it's the little things that just hits you right and you die laughing. Especially when it involves something you love.

So if Rob Gronkowski was watching NFL football this past weekend -- and you know he was -- he probably saw this on TV and then again on social media and died laughing.

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Rob Gronkowski's Favorite Number

During his nine seasons with the New England Patriots -- calling Gillette Stadium his home field from 2010 until his first retirement in 2018 -- Gronk became an easy fan favorite.

Not only was he arguably the most dominant tight end in the entire league at the time, but it was his carefree, partying, hilarious attitude that just drew Pats fans in. Including when he would make a big deal about his stereotypical dude favorite number.

Especially during press conferences.

Basically, any reference to the number 69 that Gronk could make, he would. And any reference to the number that he heard, he visibly had to try and keep his composure. Because who wants to get yelled at by the most stone-cold coach in the game for laughing at such a childish reference?

(Even though grown adults still do it to this day.)

NFL Sunday Night Football Game

That said, during the NFL Sunday Night Football game this past weekend between the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers, the Packers led the game going into halftime by three points.

And it wasn't even necessarily the fact the Packers were up by three that was the big deal. It was the post that was tossed up by the Sunday Night Football on NBC page on Facebook at the end of halftime that caught everyone's attention -- and no doubt had Gronk dying laughing.

$20 says this was Gronk's immediate reaction, wherever he was watching the game from.

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