There's decorating your house with some Christmas lights to get into that holiday spirit, and then there's what the Norton family does in Wells. They take that Christmas spirit and max it out. Their light display has gotten so popular over the course of many years now, that it's turned into an actual attraction versus a hobby.

They call it Norton Lights, and the decorations that surround the house are far more than your average light display. The family sets forth hours when the attraction is open, and each year, especially on weekends, their neighborhood street is filled with families who have traveled to take a peek.

Norton Lights goes the extra mile by using a program that allows their lights to dance to music. That music can be heard in your car thanks to a small FM transmitter. It's part of the reason why Norton Lights has been such a favorite for families and why the popularity continues to grow year after year.

But it isn't just about the lights for the Norton family, it's also about the spirit of the holiday, a chance to give back. Norton Lights is once again teaming up with Maine's Make-A-Wish Foundation. Donations can be made (but not required) on behalf of the Norton family.

Norton Lights has already cranked up for the "season" but time will go by fast. Time to hop in the car, turn the GPS to 213 Canterbury Road in Wells, Maine and get to checking out one of the very best light displays in the entire state of Maine. It'll be worth your time!

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