Our neighbors to the north just got a big surprise over the weekend.. and we mean big quite literally.

As reported by WCSH6 in their BrainDrops segment, a huge iceberg is caught in shallow water off the coast of Ferryland in Newfoundland, Canada. The town is very small - it's population is only around 500 people. However, that didn't stop tourists from all over the surrounding area making the trip to check out the massive mound of ice. Check out the video below:

Icebergs aren't uncommon in our neck of the woods, though. The town is located in Iceberg Alley, which sees several mountains of ice float by per season, WCSH reports that this one showed up early, however. What's wild about the berg's size, too, is that it's much bigger than the iceberg that sunk the titanic -150 feet tall, to be exact.

Immediately upon seeing this, we started digging up directions, because who wouldn't want to check that out? Unfortunately, Google Maps says that the trip to the stuck iceberg is about 30hrs by car, so unless we get some gas money from our parents, a CYY road trip is out for the moment.

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