Spring fever has kicked in for a lot of people and if you're truly ready to celebrate the end of winter and embrace the warmer months, Sunday River might have a party just for you.

Sunday River is holding their annual Spring Fest weekend on April 3rd through April 5th. The event will include a big outdoor concert, some signature adult beverages and one ridiculous sounding event that seems like a can't miss. If you're up for the challenge that is.

It's called the Sunday River Slip 'n Flip and the premise is quite simple. The competition will feature 16 teams of 5 people. One person from each team will start the relay race by grabbing a tube and racing down the slip and slide course by the White Cap Base Lodge. Once they reach the bottom, they'll chug a cup of Sunday River Spring Fest punch and then flip their empty cup into the upright position. Once that has been achieved, the next member of the relay team goes and so forth until one team of 5 successfully completes the entire Slip 'n Flip relay. Signups for this event will open soon.

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