Maine's Governor won't be watching on Sunday because of a decades old grudge against Patriots owner Robert Kraft. 

You'd think that Governor Paul LePage would be a huge fan of the New England Patriots, Tom Brady and Robert Kraft. LePage's good friend, Donald Trump, has never shied away from praising all three. But according to the Portland Press Herald, that is not the case.

LePage won't be one of the 100 million plus watching the Super Bowl this weekend because he holds a decades old grudge against Patriots owner Robert Kraft for some business dealings that LePage didn't agree with. In fact, LePage went as far to question Robert Kraft's ethics in those business dealings.

LePage did admit that he appreciates both quarterback Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick and their accomplishments on the field. But that appreciation won't be enough for him to tune in this weekend as the Patriots attempt to corral their 5th championship in the Robert Kraft era.

Too bad, he'll be missing out.

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