Winter came quick and fast to Maine at the beginning of December with a Nor'easter that brought strong winds and left over 100,000 Maine homes without power. The next storm won't be that bad, but it looks like we'll get more snow than originally thought.

According to News Center Maine meteorologist Jessica Conley, the forecast models are shifting the snow line a bit. It should start making its way into Southern Maine very early Thursday morning and make its was across most of the state throughout the day with snowfall wrapping up in the evening.

What originally was supposed to be a snow line that stopped near Bangor has now pushed its way further north, which raises the snow totals for some areas of Maine. York County now looks like it will get six inches of snow or more. The Portland area and up through Rockland and Bar Harbor are in the 3-6 inch zone. Fryeburg through Lewiston, Augusta and Bangor get 1-3 inches and most everyone else gets an inch or less.

This can still all change between now and Thursday, but as of right now, this seems manageable for us compared to the over a foot of snow that is forecast to our south.  If you were dreaming a white Christmas, it looks like you're in luck.

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