As Guns N' Roses continue to write and record new material, vocalist Axl Rose has sent out a bizarre tweet from the studio which is suitable for a horror film. In addition to the tease, guitarist Richard Fortus offered some great insight into the current creative process of Guns N' Roses' next album, even suggesting that the band is tapping into some old Slash material for the new disc.

As Fortus says in the video below, Axl Rose is fairly secretive, and that sensibility comes across in the photo below. The picture is obviously taken from a studio and is creepy as hell, perhaps acting as a playful response to an Axl Rose death hoax which circulated online yesterday (Dec. 3).

Here's the photo of a ghostly figure trying to break through a studio monitor:

During an intimate workshop in Sydney held on Nov. 20, Fortus shared some interesting new info on Guns N' Roses' follow-up to 'Chinese Democracy.' "A lot of the new stuff that we've been working on; some of the stuff come[s] from nothing and some of the stuff is stuff that we've been working on that were ideas that were already there. Some of the stuff Slash did -- it was the beginning of the seed of the song that's been around for a while."

Fortus continues, "There's so much stuff that's recorded, there's so much stuff that was done. I mean, there's three albums worth of material, easy … Axl is very secretive. He doesn't want stuff getting out. He wants to create stuff and then release it when it's ready. He's also a bit of a perfectionist, as you can imagine."

Stay tuned for more Guns N' Roses news as it continues to break.

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