I feel like you probably read the headline to this post and said to yourself, "Hey Jadd, ya nimrod, of course deer are found around New England and sometimes travel together." And that's fine, because I probably have it coming. But I've NEVER seen deer travel in packs THIS large.

(Actually, what IS a group of deer called? A pack is for wolves, and wolves eat deer, right? So that can't be it. Herd? Can there be a herd of deer? I hear the word herd and think of a group of hippos or elephants charging at us and about to flatten us like pancakes, but that's probably more a personal problem of mine. We'll go with a herd of deer, especially since I just googled it.)

Anyway, I was scrolling through the Everything Maine and u Local New Hampshire groups on Facebook like I normally do on the daily, and came across three posts of a large herd of deer one after the other. Actually, one was posted in the Maine group and the other was posted in the New Hampshire group just 2 hours apart!

Carrie Miller via Facebook

Carrie Miller shared this awesome shot from Athens, Maine, where a group of what looks like 7 deer just stopped and gazed at her from afar. Which, is equal parts awesomely amazing and beautiful, but, also slightly terrifying? There's ALWAYS the fact that you're in the "wild" and anything could charge at you at any moment, but let's be real, this is SO awesome. And for whatever reason, reminds me of one of "The Sandlot" cover art shots?

Sue Dahl Linares via Facebook

Just two hours later, Sue Dahl Linares posted this picture from her home in Gilmanton, New Hampshire, which looks like another decent herd of deer pretty much making her backyard their own personal playground. Which, how AMAZING would it be to look out your back window or back slider and see 6 deer just frolicking around, living their best lives?

Photos by Rodriguez via Facebook

And finally, just a few days ago, Photos by Rodriguez posted this shot of a herd of deer by a stream in Madison, Maine. Which, honestly, for a second I was about to hypothesize how those seven deer could be the same seven shown in Carrie's picture, since Athens and Madison are only 160 miles apart, but then I realized this picture from Madison was taken last month and finally posted a few days ago.

Have you had any run-ins with a large herd of deer like this? The most I've ever seen was a group of maybe three or four crossing the street early morning while heading into work, but nothing like a herd of six or seven of them all hanging out together. If you've seen a larger-sized herd, where has it been?

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