There's just no way that Brady's accountant intentionally worked the numbers like this. Although, if it is just a coincidence, maybe that's even scarier?

Super Bowl LV
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HOWEVER!  These Tom Brady incentives are pretty straightforward. If he's the starting quarterback that is Top 5 in the two most important categories AND wins the Superbowl?

He runs the table and the resulting figure is 28.3 million when added to his salary.

28.3 Million

28 - 3 !

It's the score that now represents working your tail off to succeed when faced with a seemingly impossible task.

It's the score that sends a tingle of fear and sadness into the very soul of any fan of the Atlanta Falcons.

February 5th, 2017 - Super Bowl LI

As any sports fan knows, Brady and the New England Patriots were down 25 points late in the 3rd Quarter.

They scored TWENTY FIVE unanswered points in the 4th quarter and then scored a TD on their first drive in Overtime sealing the most improbable victory in NFL history.

And there it is again. The total of TB12 adjusted salary, IF, and only IF, he takes the reigns of a 7-9 team and brings them to The Big Game in his first season with them AND...wins it all.


This guy is from another planet!

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