This sign was seen at a local grocery store in Portland, Maine. Imagine that… A famine of flavored coke and Pepsi products because of an aluminum can shortage. It is yet another unexpected side effect of the coronavirus pandemic. Both companies are cutting back on the flavored sodas, and focusing more on what sells the most, according to Fox News.

On Twitter, a woman asked Coca-Cola what was going on with Cherry Coke Zero. The response was: "We are seeing greater demand for products consumed at home, and we are taking measures to adapt to the demand." Fox News says the reason is because "Americans stocked up on canned beverages during the quarantine." Hmmm… This sounds oddly familiar, like the hoarding of toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

We love the Cherry Coke lover's response: "Sometimes the small things like an ice cold glass of Cherry Coke Zero normalize this crazy world for just a moment." Indeed. It is the small things that are getting us through this crisis.

The bottom line: Until manufacturers figure out how to get more aluminum cans, you might have to do without for a while.

(Photo By Nikki Cruz/TSMG Staff)
(Photo By Nikki Cruz/TSMG Staff)

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