Fall is finally here! While a great many people are happy about that, myself included, I think everyone misses summer at least a little bit. Well if you're one of those people, we've got the party to cheer you up!

WCYY is happy to present the CYY Fall Beach Ball 2, featuring the sweet, summery vibes of Dirty Heads! It all goes down over at the State Theater on Monday, Nov 6th. You can pick up tickets here, but if you're looking to WIN some (and honestly, why wouldn't you), then check this out:

No, not THAT kind of dirty pics. We're talking laundry, dishes, sneakers, etc! Go and grab the WCYY App, go to the side menu, and hit the submit photo/video button. Shoot us a pic of the dirtiest thing in your day and we 'll pick the 10 best to get tickets to the show! That, and you get to meet Dirty Heads AND see their soundcheck! Picture instructions are below.

Get cracking, CYY freaks! We'll see you at the party! ...And yes, luau dress is encouraged.

Step 1: Get the WCYY App and go to the side menu.

Step 2: Click on the submit photo/video button.

Step 3: Submit your photo! Good luck!