The great Fitzy wandered into the Gillette Stadium parking lot this past week to ask tailgating Pats fans on what message they had for Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski as they return to New England this Sunday night. The dynamic duo led the Patriots to glory, so the emotions are running high as our guys, now our enemy, come back to the place where it all happened.

How are Patriots fans reacting? With the full range of emotions. From bitter to beautiful. Many still wearing Brady jerseys as they simultaneously hope TB12 gets his ass kicked. This is all so confusing. We will tell you that there is still so much love and respect for Tom Brady. But maybe not so much for #87, Rob Gronkowski, who retired from the Pats. Then UN-retired to come and play with Brady and the Bucs. The fans in the Gillette parking lot are NOT happy.


Pats Fans Open Up On Brady and Gronk Returning


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