It's time to "spring forward." That means we need to change our clocks on Sunday morning, when daylight saving time goes into effect.

Daylight Saving Time officially starts at 2 a.m. on Sunday morning (Sunday, March 8th), which means we lose an hour of sleep… one precious hour. If you don't think losing a few winks matters, ask a health or sleep expert and he/she will tell you differently. It could lead to health issues, according to the Spectrum Health Sleep Medicine clinic via M Live.

Medical professionals at Spectrum say "your immune system has to work harder when you are sleep-deprived." That means you are more likely to get sick if you are exposed to a virus, and it could take longer to recover if you do become ill. Bottom line: Go to bed earlier and try to reclaim that hour of rest.

Don't forget to change the time on all of your devices before you go to sleep on Saturday night.