If you weren't around in Portland in the 1970s, you might wonder what used to be in the building where the now closed Wok Inn at Morrills Corner in Portland is. This photo from 1973 makes me wish it was still there, just for the name alone.

The photo was posted on the Portland Maine History 1786 to Present Facebook page which is always chock full of great photos from Portland's past. This one show the old railroad station that used to be at Morrils Corner. The photo was taken the same year that Wok Inn owner Shukee Lee came to the United States from Hong Kong. In 1981 he opened the Wok Inn and had a more than 30 years in this location.

If you look closely, behind the station to the right, you'll see a sign that is where the sign for the Wok Inn still stands.

Howdy! Beef 'n Burger used to be in the building. This is before McDonald's had opened across the street. My guess is when McDonald's came to town, it was all over for Howdy! Beef 'n Burger.

The burger chain had over 27 locations throughout New England and was inspired by the old Howdy Doody Show. It was started in Boston by Dunkin' Donuts founder William Rosenberg.

As for the railroad station, passenger rail had ended at the time of the photo so eventually the station was torn down. It was built at the junction of The York and Cumberland and Portland and Kennebec railroads and called Deering Junction. The junction is gone now as only one railroad remains, today known as Pan Am Railways. However, the area is still referred to as Deering Junction by rail crews.