A 52-year-old man who spent 5 days on a methamphetamine bings, cut off his own genitalia and then fed it to a nearby alligator in a sickening story. 

According to the Boston Leader, police from Tavares, Florida arrived on the scene of a domestic disturbance to find a sight that no person is prepared for. Neighbors had called 911 after finding Frank Canfeld on the ground, covered in blood, clutching his groin. Paramedics and police arrived and made the shocking discovery, the man had removed his own genitals.

The 28-year-old roommate of Frank Canfeld admitted to police that the pair had spent 5 consecutive days smoking meth and that Canfeld's behavior had becoming increasingly more bizarre as their meth binge continued. She continued by saying Canfeld eventually threatened her with a knife before exiting the home and stripping naked in backyard. From that point, he began to remove his genitals with the knife, much to her horror.

When police arrived, they did not find the man's genitals on premises. Further investigation turned up surveillance video of Canfeld walking alongside a canal, spotting an alligator, and then tossing his own genitals at the alligator. The alligator then wasted no time devouring the flesh. Police say there is video of this, however they refuse to release it to the public.

Canfeld was transported to a local hospital and was listed in critical condition due to blood loss at the time of the Boston Leader's article.

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