Even Stephen King is aware that he may have left an entire generation of readers and moviegoers shaken with his famous novel turned flick, Pet Sematary. King has acknowledged the famous book is the most "frightening" in his library and if you've ever wanted to live a small part of the movie yourself, you've got a real chance to do so.

According to Acadia On My Mind, the famous, and amazingly creepy trail, used in the 1989 movie is now open to be hiked through again. Although it was never named in the movie, the trail has long existed in Acadia National Park. It's called the Deer Brook Trail, and for the past couple of years, it's actually been closed to the public as it was being rehabilitated to be safer for hikers.

It's open again now, and for fans of Stephen King and the famous horror movie spawned from his book, the trail is likely to conjure its fair share of goosebumps. If you need a refresher, Dr. Louis Creed first uses the Deer Brook Trail after his family's cat, Church, ends up dead. His talks-too-much neighbor in the film, Jud Crandall, tells Creed about an ancient burial ground where the dead can find second life. The two men venture beyond the Pet Sematary and the rest is history.

The Deer Brook Trail itself starts at the northwestern shore of Jordan Pond and is not exactly a beginner's trail, so be advised. The payoff is huge though, between the nostalgia if you're a Stephen King fan or if you just enjoy stunning scenery. Enjoy your hike if you've brave enough but remember one last thing...

"Sometimes, dead is better".


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