Last year, the GREATEST alternative rock radio station in the world held auditions to hire an inexperienced potential DJ to their roster of rockstars. Many came ready to throw down, having their first experiences on the air and hoping for the chance to fulfill a position with WCYY. But there was one really, really awkward, nervous girl pretending to play it cool who made an impression.

The night of my try-out, I showed up to One City Center with my little dog Toto and realized I wasn't in Kansas anymore. After a quick share to my FB to remind everyone to listen to me make an ass of myself, I walked in.

There's no yellow brick road but there are escalators; same thing.

Kristen Farrington, Townsquare Media

One of CYYs veteran DJs, Joey Disco, met me at the doorway, and it was time to debut on my favorite station I'd been listening to since childhood… nbd right?

Between trying to be OK looking foolish in front Joey and holding onto the desk like the debris Rose floated on after the Titanic sunk ("never let go"), it was on. Except I'm pretty sure I blacked out for most of it because I only remember joking about filling up on enough Long Island iced teas to visit the E.R.

And the crazy thing is, after going through the whole interviewing process and try-out, I didn't even need to have a resume. They were getting to see me in action in person, and I must've left enough of an impression, because a month later, I was offered to start training.

Joey Disco, Townsquare Media

First thought: stop making up your own words. Second thought: don't screw this up.

Coach Joey was stuck with me training a few days a week while I was trying to get my act together so I could finally debut with my own time slots.

After six months of talking to myself and going through the process of interviewing, I finally got word that it was time. I had landed the gig and would have my own shows on the weekend!

It's been about two months since airing solo, and I'll be real, it's been pretty freaking cool. Of course, I'm still in rookie status, but I can "hang."

Now you can hear me on Saturdays from Noon to 4 p.m. and Sundays 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. So come and hang with me!