Many people were shocked by the news we got earlier this month, that Marden's was going to be closing one their stores.  In the sixty year history of the chain, they had never closed one of their locations.

Over the years, the discount chain has really become a part of the culture of Maine.  Because of the variety of items the stores carry, they are loved by bargain hunters and people who are just looking for unique buys, alike.

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In early 2023, we got word that the chain would be closing their Rumford location.  The closure was not because the store was not doing well.  The reason for the closure was the condition of the building that the store was located in.  According to a statement put out by the company, the building had become unsafe for occupation.  Representatives for the company say they had made attempts to fix the issues, but those attempts had not worked.

The post said, in part:

This was an extremely difficult decision, however, the safety of our employees and customers is our #1 concern. In our nearly 60 years, we have never closed a store. While 2022 was a very successful year company-wide, our hands were tied by the landlord’s inaction to deal with ongoing, major safety concerns. We would welcome the opportunity to return to the Rumford area in the future if a suitable retail location can be found.

You can read the whole post HERE

According to WGME, the store's owners say the issue is primarily with the building's leaky roof and with the condition of the parking lot and walkways.  The parking lot is, reportedly, not safe to walk on in the winter.

At a Rumford town meeting last Thursday, the town manage says she is trying her best to keep the store in town.  She says they have even launched a "Rumford Loves Marden's" campaign.  The goal of the campaign is to make it so the store reopens in its current location or that another location is found.

In addition to providing the people of the town with jobs, the store also offers people on a budget an alternative to other area retailers.

We wish them all the best in their efforts to save the store!

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