We've all been in the same situation on the road. You're waiting to turn left and a car is coming in your direction. You wait for them to go by, but instead they turn onto the street you're trying to enter on without using a signal. Worse yet, you're on the Maine Turnpike cruising along and suddenly someone moves in front of you into your lane. No turn signal. What is wrong with people?

Is it just us or do drivers in Maine not know about that stick on their steering column that they can use to tell everyone what they are about to do? There's nothing more aggravating on the road than a driver who just thinks everyone can read his mind.

A state trooper in Indiana feels your pain. So he created a PSA using some of that police humor that The Bangor Police Department has become world famous for on their Facebook page. It's all about that 'pretty incredible' turn signal that is standard on every car.

Clever. A little sarcastic, but I like it.

So how well do you think drivers in Maine use their turn signals? Take our poll and pick the two answers that most apply to your driving experience.


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