I cook my fair share of spaghetti, and there is always one thing that drives me crazy...

When I make spaghetti, I always take the spaghetti out of the box, and crack it right in half to fit in the pot. But it's always such a pain, since now I have a fist full of spaghetti in both hands and have NOT yet taken the lid off the boiling pot of water.

If you put the spaghetti down, it spreads like broken windshield glass! So, I usually end up doing that towel on the lid thing with two hands like muppet hands and well...it's just a pain.

Look at this!


See that? Pot-ready!


Pot-ready (it's even trade marked!). It's already HALF THE SIZE! I now LOOK for this! And let me tell you, no one else is doing it. Is it breaking some sort of spaghetti rule? All I can think is that foodies are up in arms that spaghetti is never suppose to be broken up.

I, for one, pat Hannaford Brand on the back for this brilliant move! You have saved me the trouble of being a hulk to split a whole pound of spaghetti in one move, and having to do it over the sink, because it tends to fly everywhere.

I just dump this box in and cook away!

Oh...one more thing. Someone tell me why I always have a group of strand that stick together for the spaghetti stick that's about a half an inch thick? Do I simply not know how to cook spaghetti? And yes, I salt my water.

May this change your life too.


SIDENOTE: If you are tired of pasta sauce, I rarely use it. I brown butter (literally melt butter until it browns) and put THAT on pasta. Amazing...