In direct response to Russia's interference in the Presidential election, New Hampshire is looking to some action behind their state motto, "Live Free or Die". Russia is well known for a lot of things, vodka being one of the most prominent. But lately Russian has been known for tinkering in American politics and that has rubbed some people in the United States, and specifically New Hampshire the wrong way. There isn't much one state can do alone to respond to Russia expect hit them in their wallet.

According to WMTW, the Senate Minority Leader of New Hampshire, Jeff Woodburn, has proposed new legislation that would suspend or ban any Russian alcohol sales in stores run by the New Hampshire Liquor Commission. If passed, it would be the first bill of its kind within the country.

Additionally, there would be a commission assembled in New Hampshire to determine any further actions against Russia or Russian-made products.The legislation is inspired by United States Intelligence reports suggesting Russian played a part is disrupting the American political process during a Presidential election. Russia continues to deny any involvement in purported hacking.

The New Hampshire lawmakers will vote on the validity of the bill soon.

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