Fire Pit In Portland?
An out-of-state group wants Portland to consider banning fire pits because they claim it's more harmful than secondhand smoke
Nips Will Stick Around
Many politicians in Maine, including Governor Paul LePage, wanted to see the mini-liquor bottles commonly referred to as "nips" bite the dust. But after lengthy debate and a vote, the Maine Liquor Commission has decided that nips aren't going anywhere...
Handheld Device Law Coming?
You've seen the warnings and you've likely heard the horror stories. Distracted driving is a major problem in every state across the country and Maine may finally be cracking down. According to WCSH-6, the Maine Legislature has officially passed a bill making usage of all handheld devices …
Wild Animal Ban In Portland?
Earlier this year, Barnum and Bailey, perhaps the most famous traveling circus in the world, pulled the plug on their more-than-century-old venture. Times have become tough for traveling carnivals and if one city councilor from Portland gets their way, the largest city in Maine will only add to thei…

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