If you were to take CYY from day one to the early 2000s and convert us into a band.... oh wait, that's already been done! Maine's own Hello Newman (named after the popular phrase on Seinfeld) are big fans of CYY and the feeling is mutual. These guys have been entertaining bars, weddings, parties, boats along with several CYY events with high energy, fun shows for seven years now.

Believe it or not, their first gig was at Bull Feeney's open mic in April of 2010 and that night, they hired them to play every Thursday. They've since trimmed their schedule down but stll plenty of opportunities to see them play live.

  • June 9     --   Bull Feeney's in Portland
  • June 17   --   The Brunswick in Old Orchard Beach
  • June 24   --   Bull Feeney's in Portland
  • June 25   --   Myrtle Street Tavern in Rockland
  • Aug 14    --    Cassablanca Cruise in Portland



Here's a little peek of a recent setlist of theirs, which should give you a pretty good idea on what to expect.

Hello Newman Set List

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