If you're a New England Patriots fan, then this photo is like a dream sequence come true. Even if you're not a Patriots fan, you have to respect the dude for the set of grapefruits to pull this off.

Straight from the Twitter feed of Only In Boston comes Patriots super fan Jim Podanoffsky, who spent a little time at the Jim Kelly Golf tournament. Undoubtedly, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell suspected he was in safe company during an event held by one of the Patriots fiercest rivals, the Buffalo Bills. Goodell thought wrong.

Podanoffsky took the rare photo op to deliver the kind of message I can't legally write in words in this blog. No word yet, but it's suspected, that Podanoffsky will never again buy a beer while visiting Gillette Stadium. Thank you Jim, for this great moment in New England sports history, it will not be forgotten. Protect the wall....and free Tom Brady!