With Shark Week come and gone already this year, we can now go from shark-crazed fanboy-dom back to thinking about them only when there's a sighting off the coast, or Jaws happens to be on TV. Agreed? Agreed.

... Well, maybe for us, but researchers at the University of New England, however, seem determined to keep sharks in the news, at least for the time being. At least it's for a cool reason, rather than a frightening one. Check out these videos from the Portland Press Herald about tracking Porbeagle sharks off the Maine coast:

According to the PPH, the porbeagle shark is not considered a threat to us humans, even though they grow up to roughly 8 feet long. They are often confused for Great Whites, which doesn't surprise us, given that most people assume whatever shark is barreling towards them is a Great White. It makes for a better story around the bar, at least.

The PPH writes that UNE researchers tagged a pregnant female shark in the group they're tracking, which is actually a first! There are some gaps in the data, however, as the sharks sometimes stay submerged for days at a time.


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