The guys from Funky Bow Brewery are regulars around our studios. When Paul and Abraham roll up, we know we're in for plenty of laughs, a few inappropriate jokes, and some really great beer.

Going to Funky Bow is more than just a brewery visit. It's an experience, starting with their greenhouse. They pack this thing full with people, Funky Bow beer, and live music during their Growler Nights.

Speaking of their beer, many of the variations have fun names. This is the Midnight Special coffee porter, but have you heard of their G-String or So Folkin' Hoppy?

Did someone say dogs? Dogs love Funky Bow and they run wild around the farm, greeting visitors with happy licks.

Funky Bow will keep you well fed between pints. Their wood fired pizza nearly overshadows the beer.

Of course, the guys behind the beer, the father and son duo of Paul and Abraham, are reason enough to visit the farm. They're hilarious, but not for the faint of heart.

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