You obviously spend a lot of time tooling around the finer places in Portland, and you know where all the fancy stuff is--like this unique piece of equipment. A few days ago, I posted this picture and a lot of people got back to me: Ellis Ducharme of Portland was the first to tell us that it's upstairs at the Public Market.  Then, there were mostly whacky responses.  No, it's not a "Treasure Chest".  Or, the entrance to a local club. And, no, Pam, it's not the door to WCYY, but it's a novel idea, because that's where all the high-rollers meet up.

That is a coin slot on top of one of the few pay toilets in the city limits.  You get a token to use the john when you buy food at the Public Market.


Usta be, you'd find pay toilets in every town or at least city on the planet...and everybody carried change...just in case.  With a dearth of pay toilets around now, it is educational to note who invented the pay per, ahem, play facility. A noble invention, no doubt.

And, with the constant rise in the number of places you can't go in Portland, perhaps homeowners could install the coin op device and there-by rent out their potty, like airbnb allows them to rent out their spare rooms.


We are so cutting edge in Portland, it hurts.

Portland Quest resumes next Tuesday.

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