In one of the uglier stories from Maine over the July 4th holiday, a woman was arrested by police in Phippsburg after she repeatedly was seen throwing small kittens into Center Pond. According to the Bangor Daily News, Justine Lovig was arrested on Independence Day and charged with a host of crimes, including operating under the influence and cruelty to animals.

Phippsburg Police Department
Phippsburg Police Department

Police were alerted to the situation unfolding at Center Pond on July 4th by horrified onlookers, who claimed that Lovig was repeatedly tossing 1 to 2 month old gray Bengal kittens into the chilly pond water. When police arrived on the scene, Lovig was just getting out of the pond with a two drenched kittens in-hand. As police questioned her, she wrapped the kittens in a t-shirt to keep them warm and reportedly fed them portions of an egg salad sandwich.

Police decided to administer a field sobriety test on Lovig, which she failed, and then arrested her. The kittens were transported to the Coastal Humane Society in Brunswick to be cared for.

Along with the listed charges, Lovig violated her probation by being arrested again. Her court date is set for September 11th.


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