What may have seemed like an open and shut case of attempted murder in Farmington, Maine 14 years ago, may leave viewers of Investigation Discovery's show "Love Kills" with lots of questions. At least that is what the show's producers are hoping for.

According to the Sun-Journal, the bizarre attempted murder case of Janette Osbourne is the subject of a new episode, with provocative new interviews with the people that were closely involved in the case. That includes Josh Osbourne, who was arrested and charged with a flurry of crimes, including reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon.

The backstory of the attempted murder case revolves around the Osbourne family farm, which Josh Osbourne believed he would be given when his family retired from taking care of it. But when his father died, Josh was surprised that his mother had no intentions of gifting him the farm, nor selling it to him, and that is where the story takes a turn.

Josh Osbourne was living on the farm with then-girlfriend Donna Enman, and decided the only way to keep the family farm was to have his mother killed. He apparently attempted to hire his cousin as a pseudo-hitman, but when that failed, took it upon himself to shoot his mother. She survived her wounds.

But as the episode of "Love Kills" will spell out to viewers, police who investigated the crime has a sneaking suspicion that Donna Enman may have had a lot more to do with the case, including potentially being the trigger person, than meets the eye. Viewers are encouraged to make their own conclusions from the facts presented in the show.

If you miss the initial airdate (5/2/17 at 10 p.m.) additional airings will take place throughout the month. Check your local listings.

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