A homeowner in Standish shared this image with Maine Paranormal Investigator Chris Sanders of It's Haunted Crew when their motion activated camera at the basement door showed what appears to be a ghost of some kind.

Chris Sanders and Its Haunted Crew

After examining the photo and running it through an enhancement, Chris and It's Haunted Crew went out to the home on Tuesday night to investigate. Here's the enhanced photo.

Chris Sanders and Its Haunted Crew


There was lots of speculation and even fear when the image was posted on Chris' Facebook page with one woman writing, "Yeah I know what that is... a demonic entity and it’s a good enough reason for me to pack my bags and move. I would be all over it in your position man but if that was at my door step I’d be out"

I talked with Chris today about what he found, or in this case, heard when he went to investigate.

... we went out to investigate it right where that picture was taken. We actually got knocking on the window when nobody was there. We also heard strange voices coming from the wood line and there was nobody in the woods.


Chris Sanders and Its Haunted Crew

Although they found nothing, Chris said that he and the It's Haunted Crew will be returning in two weeks to camp out at the location and film a documentary. "There were so many amazing things that were happening to us so we need to document it more," he said.

Careful guys. This sounds a little too Blair Witch Project to me.

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