Showing up randomly on Reddit, take a look at what many people might consider to be the most offensive costume of this Halloween season. 

Halloween is always filled with good-natured costumes of Disney princesses, cartoon characters and other harmless favorites. But Halloween always seems to bring us costumes that toe the line of being offensive, or just coming right out and BEING OFFENSIVE...and that brings us to rural Maine.

Popping up randomly on Reddit, a thread titled Rural Maine Halloween from Facebook features one photo of a man dressed up with a black suit, a large smile with a gold tooth, and a bandana while holding a #BlackLivesMatter sign. No further information was given about the photo like specifics on the exact location in Maine (if it was at all) where this was taken, nor the person responsible for the costume.

But it inspired many comments and a fair amount of questions:

  • Why in the world would any one think this was an acceptable costume?
  • Or, was the plan all along for people to see this and get upset?
  • Was the black suit an intentional design to hide your identity?
  • Did you really think in today's world that nobody would stumble across this picture on social media?

There's probably another dozen questions that could be raised and we'll leave that to you.

Are you offended?

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