Poland Spring Bottled Water has unleashed a new marketing campaign to inspire consumers to buy more than one bottled water at a time. It's called their "Grab 2" campaign, and on select bottles of Poland Spring water, it'll feature reasons why people should grab 2, rather than just 1. But, and maybe it's just us having filthy minds, reason #18 just seems dirty to us.

Reddit via RockPaperGenocide
Reddit via RockPaperGenocide

Shared on Reddit by RockPaperGenocide, reason #18 is because you're a TWO FISTED HYDRATOR. Again, to the innocent mind, that probably is a big fat nothing burger. But to those who feel like life is a long-running Family Guy episode, that phrase could be taken in a totally different way.

So we're just going to leave this here, let you decide how you want to deal with it and move on without double fisting anything.

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