Deering Oaks Park

Our bustling city of Portland offers plenty of options for spending the day outdoors. You can sit by a marina on Commercial Street and take in the sea gulls and salty breeze; enjoy a picnic with food trucks at the Eastern Promenade, or take a stroll through Deering Oaks Park.

Deering Oaks is a big public park in Portland that has walking trails, a baseball diamond, tennis courts, a playground and a pond. There are lights lining the walking trail for strolls at dusk after work and benches scattered throughout on the trails and grass to sit and read or enjoy the birdwatching.

Deering Oaks Pond Duck House

The infamous and adorable Deering Oaks Duck House has made its return to the pond just in time for summer.

Portland Maine Parks, Recreation & Facilities Department announced its return on Facebook and it has since been planted back in the pond as of May 5. Do you recognize this little house?

A little miniature house for duckies is the cutest darned thing about the park. I have a soft spot for ducks and they’re already cute enough but picturing them going in and out of their miniature home is too precious for me.

The department also posted a video on Facebook showing a mama duck and her ducklings walking through the park.

Look how little and cute they are!!! My heart could burst.

So, while there are plenty of options for spending the day outdoors in Portland, the top thing on your list should be going to see the little ducklings move into their home.

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