Can you imagine the size of the squirrel?


Imagine you are just walking along minding your own business when you come upon an 8-foot long pine cone in one of your favorite Portland parks!

Corey Templeton Photography
Corey Templeton Photography

But upon further inspection, you see that the pine cone is cleverly made out of reclaimed metal shovels! That pinecone just got very cool! And Corey Templeton took some great photos too!

This pine cone is actually from the artist Patrick Plourde. It was recently acquired by the Portland Public Art Committee. It looks like your average gigantic pine cone until you get a closer look.


According to the artist's website, Pat specializes in sculpture, studio furniture in steel and wood, railings, lighting, and custom residential and commercial fixtures for over 25 years. His pieces have been in Architectural Digest, Log Home Designs, Maine Home and Design. He's also got furniture and fixtures in some of the best restaurants in Portland and the surrounding area. You'll also find his furniture and fixtures in L.L.Bean, Timberland, and Whole Foods Market. Collectors include Ralph Lauren, Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), Portland Museum of Art, ME, Payson Art Gallery, Portland, and many people across the country.

We are lucky to see one of his works of art right in the middle of Deering Oaks Park.

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