This is the greatest sign of things getting back to normal! Bar hopping in a onesie!

The 4th Annual Onesie Bar Crawl is back this Saturday! Hundreds will be crawling around Portland in their most cozy onesies. I like and hate onesies. Hate: hard to pee. Love: hides the winter weight. Hate: makes you look like you gained a ton of winter weight! Love: you won't be cold. Hate: you may be too hot!

Love or hate the onesie, onesie thing is for sure (see what I did there?) you will have a great time with your buds! You need a ticket.


You get a lot for your 12-15 bucks. Your ticket includes:

  • 2 complimentary shots on the crawl
  • Raffle for cash and future crawl tickets
  • Discounted drink specials
  • Digital crawl map to guide you
  • Scavenger Hunt Crawl Game
  • Hundreds of crawlers in onesies
  • The only crawl to start with one registration party & end with one epic after party

Where ya crawling?

Pat's Pizza, Fore Play, Three Dollar Dewey, Drink Exchange, Oasis, Bon Fire Portland, and Gritty's.


The fun starts at 5 pm this Saturday! You do not have to go to all of the bars and you can branch-off at any time. But I will say that if I saw a group of grown people dressed as farm animals heading to a bar I was in, I'd stick around to see how that all shook out.

Be sure to get your tickets and find or get a onesie for Saturday's bar crawl to beat all bar crawls!

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