It's been a while since I've done a show review and considering that its been three years since Young the Giant played in Maine, what better time than now?

I've been a YTG fan for some time now. Since breaking out on the scene, they've put out solid albums consistently with unique, heart-driven music every few years and their latest release, "Mirror Master," is no exception.

The last time I saw YTG in Maine was in 2015 at the State Theatre. Their opening band was Wildling (not sure if that's a reference to "Game of Thrones"), anyway, they were discovered by one of the YTG band members playing at a bar in California and asked to join for their first real tour. They were cool but this time around, it seemed like Lights opening was a perfect match.

I had heard of Lights but not being much of an electro fan, I never really looked into her work but she puts on a spirited show. I must've been the only one there who was somewhat unfamiliar because the entire crowd was singing and dancing along as she swayed on the stage. Of course, Lights killed a cover to her set, "Believe" by Cher.

Kristen Giguere, Townsquare Media
Kristen Giguere, Townsquare Media

I wasn't sure if there would be anymore excitement from the crowd after Lights but there sure was.

The Cali boys hit the stage and cheers surge through the State Theatre. The last time I had seen them perform, I remember front man, Sameer Gadhia in a sequin jacket. This time a more casual, effortlessly confident crew took the stage.

Starting the show with a few new songs off this year's album Mirror Master, not fueled by praise but enjoying every moment on the stage. Sameer charming the fans with his signature dance moves. The whole room dancing along, this show was a blast. The encore ending the show with "Silvertongue," "My Body," and one of my favorites off the new album, "Superposition."

Young the Giant, State Theatre, Portland Maine 2018

I searched my archives and found a couple photos from their last show at the State in 2015! I can't wait to add a few more the next time YTG comes to town!

Young the Giant, State Theatre 2015

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