This weekend will be epic! Great Falls in Lewiston, Maine, will host its annual Pride Prom! The event is designed to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, and will take place at the gorgeous Great Falls Park in Lewiston.

Those attending will be dressed in their finest, and look forward to having a fun-filled night of music, dancing, and community spirit.

According to Great Falls Pride on Facebook, the Pride Prom will feature live performances, yummy snacks, and a photo booth. The event is Saturday, June 1, from 6-11pm, as per the post. 

The prom will be held at the Agora Grand Event Center on 220 Bates Street!

This event will be inclusive and beautiful. The event organizers emphasize how important these types of events are to foster a sense of acceptance within our community of Lewiston/Auburn and beyond.

If you are interested in celebrating love at this year's Pride Prom in Lewiston, you can get tickets here!

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