Celtics Beat Mavericks

The 2024 NBA Finals kicked off on Thursday, June 7, live from TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts, with the Boston Celtics hosting the visiting Dallas Mavericks in Game 1.

Currently in the hunt for their 18th NBA Championship, which will break the tie they're in with the Los Angeles Lakers for the most titles won in history, the C's took one step closer to Banner 18 with a (mostly) dominant win over the Mavs in Game 1, 107-89.

Getty Images / NBA via Instagram
Getty Images / NBA via Instagram

At one point, the Celtics were beating the Mavericks by 29 points, and looked to be in trouble in the third quarter when their lead dropped down to just eight points, but the C's rallied, became dominant once again, leading to their 18-point victory.

And, if they keep playing the way they did for most of Game 1, it'll be tough for the Mavericks to stop them, which means the door could be open for Boston to sweep the series on their way to their record breaking 18th championship.

NBA Finals Game 4

If that indeed happens, that will create a scenario where the Celtics look to clinch the title in Game 4, scheduled to be played in Dallas, Texas, on Friday, June 14.

Let's assume that's the case. If you decide to make it a long weekend and take a trip to Dallas to watch the C's beat Dallas for the championship on their home court, how much will that run you?

Google Maps
Google Maps

Flights to Dallas

While some people enjoy traveling alone, with a trip of this magnitude and the chance to see the Celtics win their record breaking title, let's figure you want to go with a friend and you want to spend as little money as possible. First off, we'll take a look at flights.

According to Expedia, assuming you'd fly out of Boston to avoid any connecting flights (and get dropped off by a very generous friend or family member to avoid spending any extra money there), JetBlue has a flight to Dallas on the morning of Game 4 for $175, with a returning flight on Sunday, June 16, for the same price.

Photo by John McArthur on Unsplash / Canva
Photo by John McArthur on Unsplash / Canva

Hotels in Dallas

As part of the earlier mentioned Expedia package, the cheapest available hotel stay puts you up at the Americas Best Value Inn Garland Texas from Friday, June 14 to Sunday, June 16, for $62/night for one room with two double beds.

All in, the total Expedia package costs roughly $820. But, there's more spending to be had, like on the whole reason you'd be there -- tickets to the game.

2024 NBA Finals - Game One
Getty Images

NBA Finals Game 4 Tickets

According to the Dallas Mavericks official website, the cheapest tickets to Game 4 for two seats next to each other are $945, which would put the price point at $1,890 for the pair (before the obscene amount of Ticketmaster feeds because they're hot garbage, so let's round up to $2,000 total for safety. Scumbags.)

Now, those are the definite prices. Factor in the estimated prices like food and drinks at the game, some kind of merch since it'd be a memorable moment, eating during the weekend, Uber/Lyft to get you to and from the hotel to American Airlines Arena, restaurants, etc., and we'll assume that will run you another $1,500 total.

Add that all up and you're looking at roughly $4,320 total for the weekend long trip, or $2,160 each for you and a friend to watch the Celtics make history and win their 18th NBA title.

You in?

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